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NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors, a world-renowned semiconductor designer and manufacturer, focuses on high-performance mixed-signal and standard product solutions.NXP's chips cover a wide range of categories such as microcontrollers, RFID, wireless communications, automotive electronics, security chips, sensors and more.

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Smart door: the guardian of modern home security


NXP's advanced technology and UCC INDU's professional services together promote the development and application of smart door technology, bringing users a safer, more convenient.
  • Manufacturer New

In-depth analysis of the 74HC595D chip: from the basic introduction to practical application


The 74HC595D is a high-performance 8-bit serial-to-parallel output and serial-input shift register that belongs to the 74HC family of CMOS logic chips.
  • Manufacturer New

Advancements in Electric Vehicle Drive Systems: NXP's Comprehensive Solutions


NXP, with its comprehensive product portfolio, offers an integrated solution that meets the high demands for performance and safety in electric vehicle drive systems.
  • Manufacturer New

Energy saving and emission reduction, efficiency first: K78(L)xx-3AR3 series in the power system application


MORNSUN's K78(L)xx-3AR3 series of switching regulators, which not only provide high efficiency power solutions, but also have excellent stability and reliability, are the best choice for producing
  • Manufacturer New

Starpower IGBT modules: efficient and stable power conversion solutions for UPS systems


In today's technology-driven world, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are the cornerstone of ensuring the continuous operation of critical equipment. With its innovative GD75FFY120C5S IGBT mo
  • Manufacturer New

Global Network, Local Service: UCC INDU's Partners Around the World


UCC INDU, as a leading global supply chain solutions provider, is able to provide its customers with detailed and localised services through its worldwide network of partners.
  • Company New

UCC INDU: With values of integrity and innovation


In today's ever-changing business environment, integrity and innovation are key factors in the success of an organisation, and UCC INDU GmbH, as a leading reseller of commercial and industrial electro
  • Company New

Explore the TLV5618A: Pioneering Innovation in Digital Audio


As digital audio technology continues to evolve, the TLV5618A from Texas Instruments (TI) is a pioneer of innovation in audio with its superior performance and flexibility. This dual-channel 12-bit di
  • Manufacturer New
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