Supply chain management

With a comprehensive supply chain management system, UCC INDU achieves efficient collaboration and optimization from raw material procurement to product delivery, ensuring that customers enjoy a seamless and cost-leading service experience.


Inventory management

We provide customers with transparent information on inventory changes, and at the same time, we adopt advanced warehousing technology and refined management methods to achieve precise control and efficient deployment of goods to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Logistics and Transportation

We provide customers with real-time information on logistics changes, including order status, logistics tracking, inventory levels, etc., and provide customized logistics solutions according to customers' specific needs.

Stable supply chain

With a strong supplier network and stable material sources, we are able to ensure continuous supply and timely delivery of goods, providing customers with more reliable service guarantee.


By optimizing the warehouse layout and reducing inventory costs, we have achieved remarkable results in cost control, and are able to provide customers with quality products at more competitive prices.

Purchasing agents

With rich experience and professional procurement team, we are able to provide customers with efficient, accurate and safe purchasing services. Whether it is for the shortage of IC chips, or for special specifications of customized needs, the company is able to respond quickly to help customers solve the procurement problems.

High-quality sources and price competitiveness

We have integrated a wealth of high-quality supplier resources to ensure the high quality and diversity of products, while providing customers with market-competitive prices.

Professional and efficient procurement process

we have a professional procurement team and efficient service process, can quickly respond to customer needs, provide personalized procurement solutions to ensure the efficiency and smooth procurement process.

Full tracking and worry-free after-sales service

We provide full tracking service for orders to ensure that customers can grasp the order dynamics at any time; at the same time, we provide comprehensive after-sales support to solve the customer's worries, so that customers can purchase without worry.

Access To Services

We provide IC spot service with fast response, rich inventory and quality assurance to make your procurement more convenient and efficient and help your business development.

Gain Access To

Alternative materials

UCC INDU has established relationships with licensed suppliers over the past two decades, and is able to provide customers with professional alternative material solutions, through carefully selected alternative materials, to help customers meet supply chain challenges, reduce costs, ensure production continuity, while promoting sustainable development and enhancing market competitiveness.


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1、Your serious fill in, in exchange for our heartfelt service.

2、If the purchasing quantity is close to the whole package quantity, it is recommended to order according to the whole package inquiry for convenient transportation and storage.

3、To ensure the quality and efficiency of service, the inquiry model must meet the following conditions to get a quotation reply.

  • Acceptable maximum 24 hours of inquiry response period.
  • Acceptable quotation validity period of no more than 5 working days.
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