In this era of globalisation, multinational companies need to build a strong network of global partners to better serve their customers around the world, and UCC INDU, as a leading global supply chain solutions provider, is able to provide its customers with detailed and localised services through its worldwide network of partners.

UCC INDU's global network covers a wide range of markets from the manufacturing centres of Asia to the innovation hubs of Europe and the Americas. By working closely with partners in each region, UCC INDU is able to provide not only a global perspective, but also an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of each region's market and customer needs to achieve truly localised services.

UCC INDU's partner network consists of the following key players:

Logistics Service Provider: Ensuring efficient transport and distribution of goods.

Technology Partner: develops and deploys advanced supply chain management systems with over 300 manufacturers worldwide.

Regional Distributors: provide product distribution and inventory management in local markets.

Customer Service Teams: UCC INDU has localised customer service teams in each key region to provide multi-lingual support.

UCC INDU achieves localised services through the following:

Market Customisation: Providing customised supply chain solutions based on market characteristics in different regions.

Cultural Adaptation: Respecting and adapting to local cultures to ensure localised and approachable services.

Rapid Response: Respond quickly to customer needs through local teams to provide timely service and support.

Compliance Guarantee: Ensure that all services follow local laws and regulations and industry standards.

UCC INDU's global partner network brings customers the following advantages:

Global Coverage: UCC INDU is linked globally so that customers can enjoy UCC INDU's services wherever they are.

Resource Optimisation: Through the partner network, resource allocation is optimised and operating costs are reduced.

Risk Management: Work with partners to assess and manage risks in the global supply chain, provide solutions for alternative materials, and reduce the negative effects of material stoppages for customers.

UCC INDU continuously seeks new partners and deepens cooperation with existing partners to maintain service leadership and bring better experience to customers:

Technology Innovation: Joint research and development with technology partners to introduce the latest supply chain management technology.

Market Expansion: Continuously explore new markets and expand service scope.

Service Optimisation: Continuously optimise service quality based on customer feedback and service experience.

Talent Cultivation: Cultivate talents with global vision and local experience, and strengthen team building.

UCC INDU's global partner network is one of its core competencies. Through this network, UCC INDU is able to combine global resources with local wisdom to provide customers with efficient and customised supply chain solutions. In the future, UCC INDU will continue to expand and deepen its global network, continuously improve its service level, create greater value for its customers, and realise the promise of "Global Network, Local Service".

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page is for informational purposes only. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information and accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of such information.

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